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Enhancing Space Quality Through Material Selection: The Primary Areas of TI House

TI House is a multi-generational cohabitation with each having some private living spaces. With a large number of residents in the house, the space requirements are also increasing. It is our main challenge to combine all the activity program into one harmonious living, while still prioritizing the quality of each space, as well as the aesthetics of the house.

The key challenge in designing a house with a lot of space is the zoning and room arrangement. Every room needs to get enough sunlight and airflow, avoiding dark and stuffy rooms. That is the main reason why we create one big void in TI House, with the swimming pool as the center of the house surrounded by the primary areas such as the living room, dining, etc.

One characteristic of a good living room is the openness on all four sides. Space connectivity, either directly or visually, improves the quality of space. At TI House, the West and East sides of the living room are connected directly to the dining and pantry area. To the North, there's a terrace with a garden view, and the Southside connected to the swimming pool. This openness creates visual connectivity which is very important in a residence for an extended family.

Ceiling and floor material choices are also important because each choice sets different moods. For example, a lumber ceiling gives a warm and familial impression, applied in the dining area, pantry, and TI House's corridor. While the white gypsum ceiling creates a spacious impression for the living room area.

Apart from creating a different atmosphere, different floor materials also serve as a zone marker based on its activity. At TI House, marble floors indicate primary activity areas such as the living room, dining, and master bedroom. Meanwhile, wooden floors mark circulation areas, such as corridors and terraces.

The right choice of materials enhances the design of each room. It is important for us as an architect have adequate knowledge in utilizing the right materials to lift the mood of our designs and create a great place for our clients to live in.

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