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1300 sqm

Kemang, Jakarta

Design Development

When we were designing the house, went and visited the existing home that sits on the same property as the new home. We felt that this house had to have a similar aesthetic, we felt that it was important for it to be purely authentically tropical.

A house composed of concrete inspired by Brazilian modernism, ZA house’s property stretches out across the property, capturing views of the water and of the landscape. A series of expansive gardens are experienced before one comes to the home and as a house made of concrete, this emphasis on the landscape provides an important natural balance to the strength of the strength

Composed of a series of open spaces connected by terraces,  the elaborate structure provides a foil to the open, sun-exposed courtyard. When moving from living room to kitchen, office to dining room, and bedroom to bedroom, one is taken on an internal journey similar to the route which first led them to the site. But in every room, visitors can look out over the courtyard, each wall of the room.

Through unconventional and seemingly elusive, both the character and integrity of the home are defined by phenomenological aspects, rather than those related to mere aesthetics. Thus, the relationship it fosters between architecture and landscape, house and garden, and object and observer, creates a sense of freedom and association, enhancing the overall experience of the sensory retreat.



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