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320 sqm



YW house represents itself as the entire life of the family where the owners were a young eccentric couple who wanted to have a home to entertain friends and relatives. A space to live, while having a space to grow and accommodate their hobbies.

The materiality of the house is relatively singular but the use of the materials play a variant role in the house. YW house is designed around the premise that less is more - being a gallery space for the owner’s collection and personality to stand out.

When designing the interior, we work closely with the architect - bringing the characteristics and materials into the interiors as well. Continuity is a key aspect of the design. We use a softened version of the light grey textured paint used in the exterior to finish the interior walls. This stitches together the entire spatial composition in a sense that every room has a fragment of the architecture.

Wherever you stand in this project, you get a sense of most of the materials we used; Textured paint, Black powder coated steel, Glass, and Granite slabs / HT.

One of the things we liked is the sense of Timelessness. But timelessness doesn’t mean it is day pristine as the day it was first built, but instead for the materials to wear and age really well.

Light and fresh air ventilation in this project are very important. Stepping into the home you are greeted with ample light from our floor - to ceiling openings. In each of our rooms, especially the bedrooms we’ve got a beautiful morning sun pouring from the East.

The idea of trying to minimize the waste of materials is to continuously bring it into the interiors.

Light grey HT slabs were used throughout the interior floors of the home. Due to its lifelong durability and water and moisture resistance.

What’s really important to us is using the materials at it is there’s not a lot of finishing to the house. This saves the owner a lot of time, cost, and energy in preserving the beauty of the home. Apertures, floor - to - ceiling openings were designed to reduce energy costs during the day, allowing ample daylight to enter the house at different times of the day.



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