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1920 sqm

Gold Coast Residence, PIK, Jakarta

Under Construction

TR House is located at a very interesting intersection. The hidden entrance door starts a journey into the main area of the house, revealing more of the programs upon entering from the ground floor.

Seen from the riverside, the massing of TR House cascade down, blending organically to the riverside. At the corner, the two master bedrooms have the best views towards the river horizon. At night, TR House illuminates back to the river and around the neighborhood. Each private room also opens to the back of the house, giving prime views from a continuous balcony while maintaining privacy.

Besides the main entrance, there is also a luxurious entrance from the garage. It also has a small central courtyard that supplies enough natural daylight.

The main living room of this house is designed with contrasting ceiling height. On the left area is an intimate conversation space, while on the right, the double-height ceiling oozes a sense of luxury.



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