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Private Villa

980 sqm

Trawas, East Java


The RO Villa project is a study on contour and flexibility. Located on the top of an almost 1-hectare plot, the villa building has views on its four sides. To the South is a long hill view towards the city and to the East, lush greeneries of pine trees wait. The main idea is to configure the placement of each room so that no room faces each other. By placing each room on an almost 45-degree angle, all rooms are shielded from the harsh western sunlight whilst still having at least 2 points of view towards the pine trees, the mountain, and the hill.

Visitors enter the building from the West entrance, having been brought up through a winding road in between palm trees and ponds. From the main door, a reflecting pond with the owners’ rock collection welcomes visitors towards the modern, marble-cladding interior. This mixture of the rawness of the natural rock textures and the smoothness of the whit polished marbles become recurring themes on the exterior and interior of the villa.

Around the building, the owners installed various types of rocks around the man-made creeks, creating a terrain like no other in the area. We also oriented the building on the North-South Axis, making sure that everyone in the living room has direct access towards the pool but also to the green backyard. The infinity pool to the south of the living room provides calming, uninterrupted view towards the hill. The white color palette of the façade also helps reflect the calmness of the water to the whole building. At night the building becomes a lantern on top of the hills, with each wing emanating lights to all sides of the hills, creating a remarkable skylight around the densely populated hillside.



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