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1600 sqm

Perth, Australia

Design Development

Home is where the heart is.

Of course, it’s a family home, but that is not obvious at first. The building stands tall through the surrounding neighborhood as a kind of running and amassed stone wall, crenelated a bit defensively but in the planar suggestion of hearth and home.

A long parallelepiped of wood and stone, raw, thick concrete, clean-cut and mysterious, levitates over the neighborhood in defiance of gravity. One must come closer to the side, to detect the trick behind this illusion.

Upending the vertical proportions to which the eye has been used since early times, the house’s apex is much wider than its base; the first floor is cantilevered on either side of a minimal garden level. Giving the impression of a precarious balance, while minimizing the construction’s direct footprint on what came before it, this configuration assets the fragility and the impermanence of human interventions on the great canvas of the landscape.

The interiors of RC Home reflect a harmonious fusion of modern design elements and warm, inviting spaces, creating a sanctuary where cherished memories are made and the heart finds solace. With its perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, RC Home in Perth offers a truly remarkable living experience that embraces the joys of everyday life in one of Australia's most vibrant cities.

While nature changes at its own cyclical rhythm, from the lush green fields of winter to the sun-kissed golden expanses of harvest time, and from the dry heat of summer to the refreshing rain-soaked days,  the house remains unfazed. It’s an impassive witness to the awe-inspiring spectacle taking place all around it – serving as a silent observer rooted in the earth, coexisting with its natural surroundings in the captivating corner of Perth.



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