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2500 sqm

Dago, Bandung

Under Construction

Perched on top of a steep hill, the design of OE Villa is a combination between solid masses and horizontal planes that look to capture different views and vistas from each level. From the bottom of the hill, the villa cascades down to the bottom, revealing a discrete opening for the private entrance below the hanging swimming pool.

The subtle entrance of OE Villa leads us to this immersive roundabout. Guests are greeted by the view to the transparent jacuzzi area at the pool level. Below, an open garage showcasing more than 10 cars will bring us to the main drop-off entrance. A grand spiral staircase with a waterfall connects the ground-level terrace with the glass bridge above, surrounded by a reflecting pool. On the right side is a welcoming view of the private bowling alley in the entertainment area.

The spiral staircase that leads to a glass bridge marks the main public entrance and the journey ends at the spacious living room with enviable views. Each room in this villa has its perfect view of the horizon. At the top of the site, a separate entrance for the owners leads to their private villa with special valley views.



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