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Pluit, Jakarta

Design Development

It’s all about the view. Sitting along the meditative coastline renowned for its stunning waterfront area, OE Garage nestles into its lively neighborhood framing picturesque views of the Java sea. Honoring the client’s desire for a personal getaway, OE Garage is designed for the owner’s personal gallery for his car collection and hobbies. The architecture sets itself apart from the surrounding neighborhood with its exciting new experiences.

Designed around a main axis spanning over the ocean’s horizon, the floor plan consists of a primary gallery space located on the ground floor. Internally the architecture skillfully includes and incorporates expansive views of the vast ocean from its interior, while the exterior design thoughtfully responds to the landscape, ensuring a seamless integration and discreet presence within the surroundings.

Entering the space, residents and guests will immediately be greeted with the expansive feeling of the volume of the collection and entertainment area. Here, balance is felt as the floor features Lemurian Blue marble paired by the warm lumber ceiling, creating a vibrant and lively space. The purpose of the Lemurian Blue marble is to recreate the serene blue tones of the ocean, giving the impression of bringing the essence of the sea into the interior space.

Key to the experience of feeling immersed within the site was the ingrained feeling of transition between inside and outside.The positioning of OE Garage is optimized through a clear connection to site and the ocean externally and internally. Intended to create an honest space that is immersed within and respectful of its milieu, while also being a place of enduring beauty.



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