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Private Villa

5000 sqm

Tretes, East Java

Design Development

NU Villa is located on sloping terrain with a hill and city views. 8 meters overhanging steel canopy becomes the highlight of the main drop-off area. It leads to a private entrance on the left, connects directly to the master bedroom at the back.

Upon entering the villa, an elevated bridge connects the guest houses to the main villa. The bridge hovers above an internal garden, giving the impression of walking in a forest. This 18m long cantilevered bridge is suspended from the central courtyard.

This marvelous villa is equipped with an entertainment room and hobby room for the whole family to enjoy their holiday indoors. While in the outdoor they are served with spectacular views of nature that can be enjoyed from balconies, terraces, and the special infinity pool, which faces the other side of the hill. This side of NU Villa glows beautifully at night.



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