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Candigolf, Semarang

Design Development

This luxury development in Semarang takes a cue from the needs of contemporary family living. From our anticipation of post-pandemic living and the integration of IoT, we have looked at ways to create a new standard of contemporary living.

Luxury pool design is an essence of residential contemporary design. Open space has been ever more crucial during the global pandemic. The sheltered outdoor seating area acts as a cozy entertainment area for guests and the owners.

The living room can be seen opening up to three sides, creating a spacious room with natural daylighting. Montana also has a post-pandemic guest sitting room. Instead of using the conventional sofa arrangement, a meeting table acts as the centerpiece of the room, creating flexibility between formal and informal guests’ meeting conditions

Going up to the second floor, the master bedroom design speaks both luxurious yet homey. Open wardrobe concept leading up to the bathroom. Other than the master bedroom, Montana also has other bedrooms for the kids and parents.



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