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Phuket, Thailand


Creating a heightened luxury living where the bar and lounge float over the pool opens up a panoramic view towards the horizon and beyond – an iconic view of the ocean.

When you go to Kokomo, you want to expect to be immersed in the moment. Entering the beach house, the interior sits in dialogue with the architecture, where both carry a continuous flow that cannot be separated from one another.

The architectural composition stretches the length of the space, bringing out textural earthiness that evokes the senses while the interior strikes a balance between sophistication and elegance.

A continuous experience felt upon entering and exiting as activities from the indoor bleeds to the outdoors and vice versa. The architecture is curated by floating horizontal planes that captivate specific vistas surrounding it.

Working with the existing structure, creating a bold contemporary architecture that takes place alongside the iconic Banyan Tree.



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