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1123 sqm

Kertajaya Indah, Surabaya


Facing directly in front of a busy highway in Surabaya, the facade composition of JL House is designed to minimize visual, acoustic, and thermal disturbances. The exploration of sloping planes and their density forms an exuberant look for the house. A ‘floating box’ creates a nice contrast between JL House’s facade and the neighbors where most of the houses tend to expose their roof as part of the facade.

Carrying a tropical-contemporary design, the main materials used are wood, natural stone, and textured paint. These materials create a nice warm feeling, blends well with the green corridor on both sides of the house.

This house is divided into two buildings: the main house and the supporting building, connected by a transition space in the middle. The supporting building functions as a pavilion area for family events and a prayer room on the 2nd floor. More outdoor space is also provided for additional activities, whereas the main house functions as the main living space for the family.



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