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2100 sqm

PIK, Jakarta

Under Construction

The inspiration for DC House came from the calmness and purity of white stones. Our main idea is to design a comfortable luxurious residence through the use of understated, yet elegant elements.

A dramatic entrance leads you to the private garage on the ground floor. Above is a transparent fish pond that is also visible from the main terrace. It connects to a double-height living room with an unobstructed view of the outdoor space. The all-white pool terrace connects the interior seamlessly to the outdoors. A series of screens are introduced to enclose the terrace from the outside, whilst still maintaining great air circulation.

From the back facade, we can see a double-height garden connects the living area to the main staircase, adding fresh elements between the white stones. A mountain-shaped landscape connects the ground floor to the first floor garden in this vegetation-filled house.



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