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1800 sqm

Sunrise Garden, Jakarta

Design Development

This house is programmed but differently as it is divided between the parents and the kids’ quarter. As the kids grow and study abroad, the parents can still enjoy a decent size house without having the feeling of living in a huge, but an empty mansion. The extra garden space on the right is a luxury, something rarely available for a house in the city.

BN House’s private entrance is positioned at the ground level for easier access (for instructors and therapists) but with direct access for the owners from the main house too. It leads directly to the elevator, with a hidden door on the left towards the spa and yoga area.

The second entrance is through the open guest room on the ground floor. As a part of this journey, the guests are taken upstairs through a horizontal ramp, revealing the sculpture on the first floor. From that point, they have to go across the glass bridge, back to the main house.

Rather than a formal guest room, the guests are welcomed in this dining pavilion with the best view across the garden after going up the ramp. The openable glass doors also give the flexibility to have both indoor and outdoor events without disturbing the privacy of the other family members.

Multiple bridges connect the main corridor to each private room on the second floor. This element improves visual connectivity and accentuates the importance of the main corridor.



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