JL House

Project     Architecture + Interior

Size         800 sqm

Building    1.000 sqm

Status      Construction

Just like human, a dwelling also has its uniqueness. This uniqueness that makes a house does not have identical twins. Because there must be a small uniqueness even though it is only in the form of small cracks. The uniqueness can occur due to external and internal factors. The location where the residence is located can affect many things. Starting from climate factors, circulation, and so on. Even though only one block is different a building can provide a different design response. Occupants are also one factor of the uniqueness of a dwelling. Because consciously or not, a residence allows users to show how they see themselves and how they want to show others.

The objective that BGNR wants to achieve in this project is to transform existing houses with different mass configurations from typical residential developer houses that are generally pitched roof typical. This residence just wants to try to hide the existence of the roof. So that the facade of the front of the house is a square. The shape of the box is conceptualized to give hovering. The concept of a floating box is applied by advancing the floor two to three meters so that the second floor is more advanced than the floor below. Furthermore, the floating box effect is also supported by the use of first-floor facade material which is dominated by glass, thereby adding to the impression of floating. Then the floating box on the second floor is highlighted by giving unique facades that use balconies with thin and beveled plates. Then the plates form a facade scenario that is like moving openly.