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Our Most Asked Questions

Our Fee is based on a set of fixed fees per square meter. Having said this, there are different standards in fee depending on the size, service scope, and design complexity of each aspect of a project. We appreciate it if you can schedule a meeting or a call with us so that we can understand better of your needs and therefore be able to give a correct fee proposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us further.


It really depends on the review and meeting periods. Some projects get to the finish line faster. But generally, our design and drawings are done within 3-4 months. This is including construction supervision of course.


Generally speaking, Architecture talks about the building. Our services for architecture include its layout, facade, and finishing (everything that is attached to the floor, ceiling, and wall).


Interior Design works more on the finished product. This will include furniture layout, lightings, accessories, and wall panels. This is something that is done or attached after the house is finished completely and does not have any heavy-duty works. So our Interior Design service makes sure that each dedicated room is well-designed with correct themes.


We, of course, can work on both or just one of the two in different projects, as each of our division are in charge of its own projects. So do not be hesitant to contact us for an Interior only service, or the other. We also work on apartments and offices Interior Design.


It all depends on the condition and the size. But to give you a rough estimate, our projects usually conclude in 1,5 - 2 years. It can always be done faster, of course.


Please email or call us at the links provided below. Our team would be more than happy to consult with you regarding your home building plans.



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