AS House

Project     Architecture + Interior

Size         800 sqm

Building    1.250sqm

Status      Construction

House is the main container for human daily activities. Various basic needs such as resting, eating, bathing, and relaxing, done at home. With the intense presence of someone in his home, then naturally there will be a strong bond between the occupants and his house. This encourages residents to personalized their dwellings, so it is not surprising if a dwelling reflects the owner. Its location on the hook makes Raffles one of the challenging BGNR residential projects. The challenge lies in the characteristics of the hooked house itself which has two facades facing the road. This Raffles house has three floors, but with the number of floors that are quite a lot and the need for ample space for the standard of a residential home, this residence does not want to give the impression of being too luxurious. With so many floors, this house also prefers to have a mass that is horizontally oriented. The concept that will be emphasized in this residential planning is the impression of beautiful residential.

To get the concept of a horizontally oriented building and reduce the impression of luxury, then it is done by making a green fence that covers the basement floor, this aims to camouflage the basement floor so that this residence seems to only have two floors. Then to get a beautiful impression, BGNR tries to maximize the procurement of green spaces, as well as providing games on residential materials. Materials that are widely used in buildings are natural stone, a combination of paint, texture, and steel. Then to get more green areas, there are several strategies carried out by the BGNR, one of which is managing the driveway.

Unlike hook dwellings in general that put the driveway at an angle that can eventually cut off the end of the house, this occupancy ‘sacrifices’ the driveway area to be placed on the basement floor, leaving plenty of room for the green area. Configuring green areas is spread out, instead of making a large block of green areas. The configuration of the green space should be arranged properly to ensure that each room such as the living room, study room, and other spaces get direct air from outside. With so many green spaces, making the air in the residence continues to flow by cross-ventilation.