LI House

Project     Architecture + Interior

Size         450 sqm

Building    700 sqm

Status      Construction

Gardens play an important role in providing a space for dialogue between humans and nature. Even the garden might play a pause, to allow humans to pause and feel the joy of the universe that flow through the vein. Because we believe that these organic elements can form the architecture that heals humans.At the Bu Lydia House Project, we try to configure the meeting point between human movement and the garden as the center. We also hope that this developed garden can be a positive energy point in the house, so that this house can later act as a stress relief like the principles of healing architecture. Programmatic-ally the space, this house has a fairly simple layout and regular zoning. Lydia House dwelling has an open plan layout model, which makes the absence of a parapet, so that when entering a house, users will be welcomed warmly by the view of the living room to the dining room. This residence does not have a guest room, but the guest reception can be done on the terrace or living room.

The highlight of this residential layout is the garden in the middle of the building. The presence of gardens in architecture can then give pause to the user to be quiet for a moment and feel that the presence of humans is always inseparable from nature and the environment. Besides its location in the middle of the building, the garden also becomes the focal point of the orientation of spaces in the building. So that whatever activities are carried out, residents will return to center on the garden. Next there is the mezzanine floor which functions as an office. Then the material game also occurs in this building, which uses the dominance of wood texture. The use of roster was also applied to leave spaces with privacy but still open