PB House

Project     Architecture + Interior

Size         600 sqm

Building    450 sqm

Status      FInished

The house was designed in quarters, with rooms arranged horizontally in the same axis. This creates a narrow and long corridor that acts as the main connector of rooms, a typical Dutch Colonial house design. Kantor Gunawan Gunawan decided to demarcate these spaces by knocking down most off the walls and create and open plan living area instead. This design move is informed by the need of the new family, where a big open space for cooking, eating, and entertainment is needed for the small, new family. The new open space measures 10m x 6m, giving the new family spacious space in the new building.


The other problem with the house is the narrowness of the site, where gardens can only be located at the front and back of the house. Kantor Gunawan Gunawan decided to create connections between interior and exterior by opening up these thresholds, using 4m glass sliding door openings around the house. With this move, the vertical garden becomes a part of the living area, whilst the back terrace becomes a direct extension to the master bedroom. The ceiling is also renovated, by creating a new contemporary ceiling at 4m height.


The project is also about restoration, where old façade components (mosaic glass), is reintroduced back after being taken down in the Second generation. The main façade is kept in the first generation existing façade, with white paints and new black door and window seals giving contrast to the reconstructed façade.


In contrast to the restoration and reconstruction of the façade, the interior of PB House is completely different to the old existing building. Using white, grey, orange, and dark wood pattern, Kantor Gunawan Gunawan creates a consistent color palette throughout the whole house. The furniture is also consistently made of the same Walnut material as the door and wall background. The dark wood and grey marble flooring also set the tone of a cozy and welcoming living area, as it also extends to the pantry table and to the wooden decking at the terrace.


The vertical garden at the west also gives the house an extension to the outdoor, dealing with the narrowness of the rooms by creating a vertical connection to the garden rather than the conventional lawn. The vertical gardens also become the background of the bedroom, giving the new family fantastic views at night and in the morning.

This palette is then brought up by the vivid accessories and paintings that is set up along the wall, a gesture of remembering the old gloomy corridor, creating a contrast and balance within the interior. The project is kept at this stage for a possible extension to the back lawn, with the possible addition constructed upon arrival of the 4th generation