ER House

Project     Architecture + Interior

Size         600 sqm

Building    1.000sqm

Status      Construction

House is a building that is intended as a place to meet the daily needs of its users. Because each occupant has a different character, the space requirements will also be different. However, due to various external and internal factors, often the need for space is not maximally fulfilled. Therefore, with these challenges, space negotiations are needed in order to achieve an ideal dwelling in adjusting the situation.

ERHouse is a house project with three floors plus a rooftop area on the top floor. The initial idea of ​​the design of this house is to provide strict zoning for each floor elevation. The challenge in this residence is the regulation from the developer which only allows a two-storey facade. Therefore, facade processing and space are needed to camouflage the existence of the third floor.

This residential ground floor is not used as the main living space, on the contrary, this floor is instead used as a secondary entrance through a garage that is not gated. This floor is dominated by service rooms, such as the maid's room, driver's room, kitchen, and pump room. The room on the back of the ground floor functions as an office and gym room which is equipped with a dry garden as the air circulation of both rooms. The ground floor is then connected to a U-shaped staircase leading to the first floor, which continues to the rooftop floor.

The first floor is dominated by the main living space which is more public and semi-public, this first floor is the floor that welcomes us when entering from the main entrance of the building. Before reaching the main entrance of the building. Before reaching the main entrance of the residence, residents will be presented with the dominance of earth tone colors throughout the building. Then to go to the main entrance, there are stairs to the first floor, with a pool beside it.

On this floor, there is an elevation game that gives the impression of a strict zone division. The zone is divided into public spaces and semi-public spaces with a swimming pool and ‘space between’ that separates the two. The public zone is in front of the building with a lower height than the space in the semi-public zone. This height game also acts as a floor camouflage, in addition, the existence of a fence that covers the ground floor, giving the effect of a smaller number of floors. Public spaces include the living room, guest room, playroom, and study. The play and study room is a space intended for children's tutoring needs, the room is made sunken and faces the pool so that it can see the pool when using the space. Whereas the main living spaces, such as dining room, living room, and pantry. Designed to have a higher elevation than public spaces. This height game also provides a separate sensor for each zone.The third floor of this dwelling, dominated by private spaces, in the form of rooms and libraries. The main room in this residence has a swimming pool view and a vertical garden. There are also two children's rooms, as well as a library that can be transformed. Then the rooftop area is intended for gathering spaces and utility needs